9 June 2017

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium boost’s opportunity

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is the world most important conference for CIO’s and Digital Business Executives’. It’s a not-to-be-missed meeting, laden with strategic high value, which is  held in Boston every year since 2003. For a full day, Executives can discover the best innovations in the IT sector and exchange views with other specialists, in order to improve their know-how and be ready to face future challenges. Combining the prestigious MIT academic spirit with the experience gained on the field by the most renowned sector experts’, the Symposium offers a really unique opportunity.

Furthermore this year the event has witnessed a strict selection among hundreds of start-up from all over the world: GreenVulcano can claim MIT’s acknowledgement for its pioneering IOT services offered to its clients, along with being the only company representing Italy.

“For these young companies – says Anton Teodorescu, co-chairman of the contest – the Symposium is the ideal environment in which to develop precious collaborations, in addition to being a showcase for the core technologies of their enterprises.”

MIT judges selected GreenVulcano especially for the high strategic value of its products and IT solutions.


“The prestigious opportunity to participate in MIT CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase has been a wonderful experience to exchange views with IT’s world leaders’. That has allowed us to validate our strategy, designed and implemented in the GreenVulcano’s Solutions and Technologies roadmap. High attention has been given to the development of our IoT platform for all the future scenarios in the business context. with the aim to follow the most important technological evolutions, we are introducing Blackchain and Machine Learning technologies within our platform; thus, we’ll be dealing with a new generation of safe transactions and “smart” integrations, key topics which have been discussed at the conference” declared GreenVulcano’s CEO, Ciro Romano.


There has been a warm welcome and an unexpected enthusiasm for GreenVulcano and its products. The Innovation Showcase has been a great chance to introduce, to specialists of the IOT world, our latest product: Claudio. This is a really innovative software - conceived for company’s managers (particularly for those without technical expertise) - which allows them to create flows integrating information originated by different types of sensors and from both cloud and legacy/on premise systems. All this takes place within the same development environment, due to a dashboard designed to be intuitive and very visual.



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